Veterans Day 2021 – Honoring Those Who’ve Served

When Xentris Wireless created the EXO Charge division in August 2020, we didn’t deliberately set out to hire a certain number or percentage of military veterans. However, as we began to recruit and hire the very best people, it was no surprise that many of them also happened to be military veterans.

We now have US military Veterans working in several crucial positions throughout our organization, and they have greatly enriched our culture and our capabilities. We have accomplished many notable feats over the past year, and the Veterans on our team have been instrumental in making our many successes possible. Today we pause to remember and honor all those who have served in our Armed Forces, and to especially thank the Veterans on our team.

We also pause to give special recognition and thanks to the Veterans on our team – particularly to our newest member of staff, our Marketing Director, Lawrence Holsworth. Rather fittingly, Lawrence’s first day as a full-time employee is today, and in addition to his previous experience in the Soldier Power industry, Lawrence is also an Infantry Veteran of the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. Here are his own words about his time in service and what it’s meant to him…

My Army service began in early December 1982, but it was the culmination of a journey that had begun earlier. In the 6th Grade I became friends with a couple of classmates who were into WWII history and military hobbies. I was also inspired by my Grandfather’s service in WWI, and classic war films like “The Longest Day” and “A Bridge Too Far” fueled my ambition to join the Army and become a paratrooper in the famous 82nd Airborne Division.

In May of 1983 my dream came true when I arrived at Fort Bragg, North Carolina as a freshly minted Airborne Infantryman. I had at last earned the right to don the maroon beret of the airborne forces, and joined the 2nd Battalion of the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

D-Day 40th Anniversary – June 1984

I also had the very special privilege to be selected for the 82nd Airborne Division contingent sent to the 40th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy France. That trip involved flying non-stop from Fort Bragg and jumping into the UK to link up with the 1st Battalion of the British Army’s Parachute Regiment. After a couple of days in the UK, we then rigged up and flew across the Channel and jumped into an original WWII Drop Zone just outside of the small town of St. Mere Église. It was an incredibly moving experience to be there on that hallowed ground as a Paratrooper in the 82nd.

Besides the Normandy trip, there were training deployments to Kentucky, Georgia, Alaska, Panama, and Turkey – and a 6-month peace monitoring mission in the Sinai Peninsula.

Leading a patrol in the Sinai Desert – summer 1986.

During my service I also enjoyed many other adventures and several different roles, including: Rifleman, Grenadier, SAW Gunner, Training Room Assistant, Platoon Radio Operator, Fire Team Leader, and (Acting) Squad Leader.

On a training range at Fort Bragg – winter 1984.

I left the Army at the end of my 4-year enlistment in order to obtain a degree in International Affairs, but my time in uniform left an indelible impression that has remained a fundamental aspect of my interests, my personality, and my character ever since. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to have served, and I am also honored to join EXO Charge and put my talents and experience to use on behalf of today’s men and women in the Armed Forces.

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