Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a global industry-standard specification for connection, communication and power supply between ICT devices and peripherals, and it is integral to our solutions.

USB has evolved from a data interface capable of supplying limited power, to a primary provider of power with a data interface over a single cable. The latest USB PD specification released in 2021 is capable of power levels up to 240W, while the latest USB specification allows data speeds up to 40 Gbps.


USB Power Delivery (PD) allows devices to fast-charge over a USB connection. PD 3.1 is the latest version and incorporates Programmable Power Supply (PPS) technology. PPS enables dynamic renegotiation of voltages and currents between the charger and the client device, and provides one of the fastest charging protocols available today.


USB Type-C is an industry-standard connector for transmitting both data and power through a single cable. The USB Type-C is an easy-to-use reversible connector that supports scalable power and performance. USB Type-C is becoming the standard connector solution for USB devices as it provides greater interoperability as well as improved performance and ease-of-use.


Beyond such industry-standards, we also explore opportunities for innovation with new and technologies. As we stay at the forefront of technological advancements, we will continue to leverage our core technologies and to adapt them to benefit the Warfighter.