Xentris Wireless has more than 30 years of experience in delivering innovative solutions for the mobile and cellular device industry. Xentris was the first to develop and launch a universal fast charging solution to support Samsung devices, Google devices and other USB PD devices sold at Verizon.

The EXO Charge division is at the forefront of adapting proven commercial technologies to enable shorter product development cycles, reduce overall program cost, and simplify training, logistics and support for end users.

The EXO Charge team is comprised of industry and military veterans with expertise in both the commercial mobile device market, and military programs, including:

  • Conformal Wearable Battery (CWB)
  • Soldier Worn Integrated Power Equipment Systems (SWIPES)
  • Squad Power Manager (SPM)

Our 'boots on the ground' experience, combined with our deep domain area expertise and independent financial backing, puts us in a uniquely strong position to serve the Warfighter.

Our History


The Antenna Company

Before it took on the Xentris Wireless name, the company began as The Antenna Company in 1989.


Andrew Wireless Products

The company was then purchased by Andrew Corporation and became Andrew Wireless Products.


Xentris Wireless

In 2003, the company was purchased as a family owned and operated small business and renamed Xentris Wireless.

Mobile accessories, including chargers and cases, manufactured under the Xentris Wireless brand focused on business to business customers



Rebranding of Xentris Wireless mobile accessories. As technology emerges, the product portfolio has expanded. Most recently the product portfolio includes multi-port charging, wireless charging and fast charging technology products.


Shock Shield

Launch of a new brand focused on mobile screen protection products.


Elixage Product Line Launch

Launch of a consumer brand driven by world-class design and meticulous engineering standards. Elixage power products are engineered with the latest technology allowing to charge faster and last longer.


EXO Charge Military Launch

The EXO Charge division was established by Xentris Wireless to deliver next generation, rugged, high-performance power solutions for the modern Warfighter.