For Want of a Battery

Benjamin Franklin quoted this old proverb in his ‘Poor Richard's Almanac’ in 1758 to illustrate the importance of being vigilant about small things that can lead to big problems. Now, we’ve come a very long way since the 1700's, but this message remains very relevant.

Veterans Day 2022 – Honoring Those Who’ve Served

My active-duty career started in early 1987 when I was sent to Fort Jackson, S.C. for basic training. My basic training barracks were located on a stretch called Tank Hill. These were all WW2, wooden, open bay barracks sitting on cinder blocks.

Visit EXO Charge at AUSA

EXO Charge was established to deliver high performing, lightweight, rugged, mission-ready power solutions for the modern Warfighter and will be unveiling several of its solutions for the first time at the AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition from Oct. 11-13 – on booth #860.